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Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, Memorials, Family Histories, Reunions, Weddings, Sweet 16s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, etc.

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Photo and video montages are a wonderful way to preserve and share family or friendship memories.  A montage can cover the life of one person, or the history of an entire family.  Montages make wonderful gifts for birthdays, holidays, reunions, anniversaries and weddings. 

Your Montage can include photos, slides and video/film clips. You can select the music for your project. We can also add subtitles to the photos. We will be pleased to help you organize your project and work with you to achieve your montage goal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I would like to put together a Montage, but I dont know where to begin!
Give us a call and lets discuss what the Montage is it for and about one person or your entire family?  Are you covering a few years or a lifetime of memories?  Once we know what your goal is, we can give you specific help in planning and organizing your montage service.

I have old 16mm film, 8mm, Hi 8 and VHS tapes, slides and some photos that I want to include in the that too much?
A montage can include anything you want.  The first step would be for us to transfer your films to DVDs so you can watch them and then select the parts that you want to include in your montage. We would also scan your photos and slides to CD, so you can include the ones that you want.

Once I have everything together, how should I organize the photos and films?
That depends on the type of montage you're it about a person, a family or a genealogical montage?  Give us a call and we will provide you with specific recommendations for organizing and planning your montage project.

Can I choose the music for the montage?
Yes, of course.  You can provide us with CDs, or we can purchase the music files you select.
Or, if you want, we can make the music selections for you.

Can I put titles or subtitles on the Montage?  Can I put a voice over on a montage?
Yes, we can include Titles before sections and subtitles on photos if you wish.  You can also include your own voice-over if you wish to make your own personal comments during certain sections of the montage...for instance you may want to tell a funny story about a photo, or describing a scene in a silent 8mm film.

How long does it take to create a Montage?
The project time depends upon what is involved. If we have to do a lot of film transfers or photo and slide scanning, then you should allow call us to see what our current turn around time would be for that.  The more preliminary work we have to do, the more lead time we require. If you already have everything digitized, organized and ready to go, then it could take 2-6 weeks depending how busy we are when you submit your project. If your montage is for a specific date or event, please contact us at least 4-8 weeks in advance to get things started! We do provide rush services when necessary but we do charge a bit extra for last minute rush services. (less than 2 weeks).

Will I get to see the Montage before I pay for it?
We do take a deposit up front, of course. Then, before we finalize your montage project, we provide you with online previews for your approval whenever possible. Montages that exceed certain time lengths may not be able to be streamed online, so we would show you a shortened clip preview, take final payment and mail your DVD to you. However, if there are any problems, we are always able and willing to make corrections. Either the online preview or the DVD file will make it possible for you to view the montage and make any corrections, changes or adjustments as you wish.

How much will my Montage cost?
We do have set some package prices, however, every project is different because we customize it to your event, purpose and vision for the project. The price of your montage project will depend on what is involved in creating it. Film transfer, slide scanning, photo scanning, etc all cause the fees to vary. Give us a call and we will be pleased to give you an estimated cost. 

How Can I get started?  Call to discuss the details of your project and give you a price quote!  We are located in the Hudson Valley, however, we serve NY, NJ, CT and the entire USA.

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50th Wedding Anniversary Video and Slide Show
with Old 8mm Film and Photos (partial sample)

50th Birthday Montage
(w/Client music selection)
(We also transferred the 8mm Film and Scanned Photos/Slides  for this montage.)
NYC  Party Highlights Photo/Video Montage
We provided all Filming, editing, photography
and montage creation w/client music selection

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Let us create a beautiful Memory Montage from your Photos, Slides, Films and/or Videos!
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Professional Video Tribute and Memory Montage Services

Montage Slide Shows for Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,
Anniversaries, Weddings, Memorials,
Family History Montages, etc.
Sample Slide Shows
After the party is over...let us take your favorite photos and video clips and transform them into a Keepsake Memory Montage on DVD so you can enjoy and show them any time you want on your TV!
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Business Event Photo Montage
Did your business or organization have a special event that you would like to save and share on your website or on social media? Let us transform your favorite event photos into an online montage for sharing! Plays like a video!
VIDEO PHOTO MONTAGE: Combining both video interviews and photos, we created this Centennial Celebration Montage for St Lawerence O'Toole Church in Brewster, NY.  This was shown at their Centennial Celebration Dinner.